It's hard not to fall in love with a place that makes you feel like family from the day you walk in.

Amber Harrer

Cheer Mom

Allstar Cheer & Dance

 Our Team Tryouts are in early May!

Email [email protected] with inquiries or to register!!


2017-2018 Teams!

Salt N Pepa – Junior Hip Hop Heart – Junior Prep Level 2 Lumineers – Large Junior Level 1
Pixies – Mini Prep Level 1 10,000 Maniacs – Small Mini Level 1 Pink Floyd – Large Junior Level 3
Fuel – Junior Prep Level 1 Phoenix – Small Youth 2 Slayer – Small Senior Level 4
  Black Sabbath – Small Senior Level 2  

Rockstar Cheer Allstar Team FAQs

Do you need any experience to try out?

Not at all! Tryouts are more of a team placement exercise. Everyone makes a team regardless of skill level, ability or experience. Every member on the team competes every time, every member is important, every member is a ROCKSTAR!! We are working to build teams for as many age and skill levels as possible. Whether your child is 5 or 18… no tumbling, no problem. It is never too late to start to fulfill a dream!

Can I cheer for my school team and your Allstar team?

Yes! We encourage the cheerleaders to cheer for their school team. We only practice one day during the week (and once on Sunday) in order to provide all cheerleaders the opportunity to compete for their school teams AND Rockstar! We are very willing to work with the coaches in the area to ensure that school cheer and Allstar cheer schedules do not conflict.

How many competitions do you attend?

Our Allstar teams attend approximately 8 competitions per season. Six of the competitions are local and two are overnight travel competitions. All competitions are within driving distance and all of them are Summit bid events.

What happens if I can’t make tryouts?

Please email [email protected] to set up a private tryout.

Does everyone make a team?

Yes, no matter the age or skill level everyone will make a team that best fits them and the program.

Allstar sounds very expensive. How will my family pay for it?

Rockstar Holly Springs offers opportunities to parents who want to participate in individual fundraising events to bring in extra funds to assist in paying for competitions and travel.

What is the time commitment for Allstars?

There will be two mandatory practices each week and a tumbling class. There is always the possibility of extra practices when it gets close to competitions. There will be no weekend practices during the summer. Athletes are allowed 7 absences during the season.

How will the teams be selected?

Our full season teams are divided according to experience and skill level. Selections are based on age, skill, maturity, and level of commitment. These factors aid in the determination of what skill level the team can most effectively compete. Our program is designed to help each Athlete improve his/her overall skill level throughout the course of the season. We love to win, but we love to see our Athletes grow even more.

Are there “hidden” expenses that we will be hit with throughout the year?

No. We like to make sure everything is up front at the start of the year.

Why do I have to pay competition fees so early in the year?

It is necessary to have the competition fees in your account earlier in the year than the actual competition dates because we have to register cheerleaders months prior to competitions.

May I visit Rockstar Holly Springs to meet the staff and watch practice prior to trying out?

Yes, of course! Please call the front office (919-346-7300) or email [email protected] for more information or to set up a time to come in.

2018-2019 Team Evaluations – May 18-20!!!

Everyone Makes a Team!!

Email [email protected] with inquiries or to register!!

Programs & Classes


Call or email us today to try a free Cheer or Tumble Class!


[email protected]

Experience highly skilled tumbling instructors for levels 1-5, toddler tumbling (ages 3-5) and mini tumbling (ages 5-7)!  Whether you are learning your back handspring, or double-full, we have a class for you! Call 919-346-7300 to schedule or signup below!

*Tiny Tumbling Class – Tumbling for Ages 3-5 – Tuesdays 6-6:45 – $45/month CLASS REGISTRATION Returning Students Login

Drop In Classes!  $8 at the door.  $25 for 5 class punch card!

  • Jumps to Make 'em Jealous
  • Flyer Flex
  • Beast Base & Backspots (Conditioning & technique class)
  • Power Walkover
  • Power Handspring
  • Power Tuck
Call to register 919-346-7300

Ninja Kids is a recreational program designed for children ages 5 to 12 years old. Classes are co-ed and divided by skill level. The program includes four different events, with three levels to progress though.

“We the Ninja Kids will establish honor, safety, and defense. We will promote the individual and secure the way of the Ninja Kid forever!”
Ninja Kids Detail
The four events are practices of Form, Obstacle, Climb, and Power. All four events are chosen to create a well-rounded Ninja and to achieve safe exercise, learning, and fun in every class. Form Practice is dedicated to learn the discipline of stationary skills like rolls, safety falls, strikes, and gymnastics skills Obstacle Practice is a series of obstacles the Ninja will learn to maneuver through. The maneuvers are based off of free style movement. Climb Practice is similar to obstacle practice. The ninja’s must maneuver through obstacles by climbing and swinging. This area of expertise is designed to develop strength and free style movement coupled with gymnastic style discipline. Power Practice is where the ninja’s condition their strength. The Ninja Instructor trains your Ninja’s through fun yet challenging exercises to develop brut strength.
To progress through the colors, Ninja’s must complete their corresponding online skill-charts, which you, the parent, can view at any time! In addition to their other skills and exercises in class, there is a focus-skill, which we call the “Skill of the Week”. There is a “Skill of the Week” on each event the Ninjas work on during every class. Every 5 weeks there is “Mission Day”, where the Ninjas perform all the skills from the past four Skills they have been training on. To move up a level the ninja must have a star on each skill on their skill chart. Once this occurs, the ninja will be leveled up to the succeeding level automatically, and you will be notified instantly through an e-mail notification! full-custom-ninja-kids-with-logo

Our Dance program offers competitive and non-competitive hip hop classes!!!

  • Hip Hop Technique
  • Competitive Hip Hop
CLASS REGISTRATION Returning Students Login Competition Teams

Recreational Classes

Learn the basics of cheer!

Join the Coverbands and learn to leaern entry level cheer skills; including basic tumbling, cheers, chants, dances and jumps. Emphasis is placed on correct technique and form; and building the proper foundation for safety and advancement. Prepare for joining a team or just for the fun of it! We have performances for the parents every two months.


    • Stunt Class – Open to 5 kids per class and has 2 elite stunt instructors! Stunt class is $99 per month and is open to flyers, back spots and bases!
    • Choreography – Competition routine choreography and music for school and All star teams!  Call or email for more information!
    • Gym Rental – Full floor rental available! Call or email for more information

1st  & 3rd Friday of the month from 5:30-8:30!

$15 Admission! No need to pre-register!

You don't have to be a member to attend!

$5 OFF for all active military families!

$1 per slice of Pizza

Private Instruction

The staff at Rockstar is happy to offer one-on-one instruction for jumping, tumbling, flexibility and stunting

Book a Lesson

Camp Rock


Come join us for 5 days of fun, games, tumbling, and cheer activities! 



No cheerleading experience needed for an exciting week of activities with Camp Rock!
Now enrolling for all tracks!

Camp Hours: 8am-5pm
$165 for non-team members
$140 for all-stars and prep team
$40 for daily drop-in
$5 for extended care (each instance)
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Camp hours are from 8am-5pm.
Extended AM & PM Care are available for $5 each day

Camp activities begin at 9:30am
You can drop off as early as 8am
(or 7am with Extended AM Care) 

Camp activities end at 4:00
You can pick up as late as 5pm
(or 6pm with Extended PM Care)

8:00am-9:30am Drop off. Free time
9:30am-9:40am Morning Huddle to go over rules & expectations
9:40am-10:00am Gym Games
10:00am-10:15am Snack Time
10:15am-10:25am Stretching & Warm ups
10:25am-12:00pm Tumbling
12:00pm-12:30pm  Lunch
12:30pm-2:00pm Educational TV Time

Themed Activities

3:00pm-3:30pm 2nd Snack
3:30pm-4:00pm Open Gym
4:00pm-5:00pm Pick Up activities


Water bottle
Morning & Afternoon Snack
Pillow/Blanket for movie on Friday
—— Note ——
Electronics & Books from home are permitted and may be used before and after camp hours 
(Before 9:30am & After 5:00pm)
Texting and Internet use is prohibited.
Sneakers with Socks


Shorts/Exercise Pants
Hair pulled away from face

Tuition: $165 non team members.  $140 Team Members. $40 single day.
Need extended care? Add it to your registration or e-mail [email protected]


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Gym Info


Britney Kensmoe


Jodi Hetzel


Andy Kensmoe


Emily Baddour

Owner & Allstar Director

Carol Vos

Office Manager

Mike Faber

Tumble Director

Jacob Vaneske

Tumble Coach

Briget Faulkner

Allstar Coach

Trevor Watkins

Allstar Coach

Marley LaRue

Allstar Coach

Ivey Carroll
Dance Director

Kayleigh Scott

Allstar Coach

Taylor Dillin

Allstar Coach

Megan Walsh

Allstar Coach

Ali Kensmoe

Allstar Coach

Gina Castaldo

Tumble Coach

Rockstar  is one of the most prestigious programs in the Country.  As we enter into our fifth season, we are excited and honored to extend the Rockstar program into Wake County, NC.

Established in 2013, we are dedicated to teaching the best skills, form and technique in every aspect the sport provides to your athlete. While pushing our athletes to be the very best, we take pride in offering the safest environment possible. Our energetic, mature and experienced USASF certified coaches are passionate and professional about their jobs. From the moment you join you will experience the Rockstar treatment!

The most direct way that we help the athletes in our program is by improving their skills and helping them reach their athletic potential; but we also believe our program serves a higher purpose. Throughout their lives, everyone will be put in situations where they must work together with others to achieve common goals. Life lessons such as work ethic, responsibility, accountability and teamwork help build character. No other sport builds self-esteem for youth than all-star cheerleading. The hours, weeks, months, even years of work that go into improving stunts, tumbling, jumps, and motions will improve your fitness and skills. More importantly, athletes learn about sportsmanship, working together towards goals, and striving to win. Besides the success of our program on the mat, we are most proud of the life lessons that we have been able to give to the athletes at Rockstar Cheer!

Phone: 919-346-7300

[email protected]

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 3pm-8:30pm

Address: 2161 East Williams St. Ste 115 Apex, NC 27539